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Mega Clinic – Palawan, Philippines

July 9 – July 11, 2018

Interested in serving in a free mega health clinic on the beautiful, tropical island of Palawan, Philippines this summer?

Dr. Lela Lewis, CEO and Founder of Your Best Pathway to Health, will be coordinating this event, along with the North Philippine Union, Palawan Adventist Mission and other local entities. This will be in conjunction with Adventist World Radio (AWR) and the Total Member Involvement (TMI) initiative of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

The Palawan LifeSource International Medical Clinic will be held in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines on July 9-11, 2018. This exciting event will take place just prior to the AWR/TMI evangelistic series which will be held across the island beginning on July 13 and culminating on the 28th.

We need approximately 800 volunteers, and all medical and non-medical volunteers are encouraged to participate.

We are especially in need of surgeons and surgical sub-specialists including pediatric surgeons, ENTs, urogynecologists, dentists and others.

Participants will be responsible for their own expenses which include:

  • Airfare: Costs will vary according to many different factors. (You will need to book a ticket to Manila and then on to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. If you are unable to get a connecting flight from Manila, then just book an additional ticket to Puerto Princesa.)
  • Hotel: $45-50/night (depending on the exchange rate)
  • Meals: Breakfast is included in the hotel rate. Lunch and supper is being negotiated. There may be a cost to purchase these meals.
  • Registration Fee: $100 which will cover the travel insurance.


  • Arrival: July 6
  • Clinic Set Up: July 8
  • Clinic and nightly meetings: July 9-11
  • Free day for sightseeing: July 12
  • Evangelistic meetings begin/baton hand off: July 13
  • Departure: July 15 (if you need to leave sooner you may leave on the 12th)

All volunteers need to register by June 15.

Click here to register

Please read the letter below from Dr. Lela for more information, then prayerfully consider reflecting the love of Jesus through service in Palawan.

Dear Friend and Fellow Volunteer,

I hope things are well with you and your loved ones. I am writing to you to discuss overseas medical mission work. As you are aware, by the grace of God, I had the opportunity of founding Your Best Pathway to Health, the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s mega-mobile medical clinic in April of 2014. Since that time the organization has provided services to tens of thousands of people around the United States.

For the last few years I have received requests from various countries to assist with international mobile mega clinics. As Your Best Pathway to Health is a North American Division entity the organization itself will not be holding international events. That said, I have been personally asked to assist in several locations around the world.

I am happy to announce that Adventist World Radio and Total Member Involvement will be holding a mobile mega clinic and hospital to be held in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.

This will be a remarkable and ground-breaking event! A couple months ago our team had very little idea how Palawan would be able to move forward. Then, much to each of our surprise in only 8 hours, God secured for us the largest venue site in Palawan, hospital support, meals, an inexpensive and nice hotel, free vegetarian breakfasts, medical supplies and equipment and so much more. The power of God was clearly felt, and all involved praised His name for His mighty works.

The clinic will be held July 9-11, at the Palawan Coliseum. We recommend volunteers arrive before July 8 as set up for the event will be July 8 all day. AWR has procured a discounted hotel and meals. For those of you who may be interested, we are working on group airfare which will leave from Los Angeles the night of July 4 in order to arrive in Palawan before Sabbath on July 6. Hotel reservations in Puerto Princesa will be made by the Palawan Mission.

We will be working with the Palawan Adventist Mission Hospital and the local medical board to obtain necessary medical credentialing. Medical credentialing is being expedited as visiting medical staff will be working under the licenses of local providers. Surgeons will be operating at Palawan Mission Hospital and the nearby government hospital.

The mega clinic will operate during the day and in the evening all patients will be invited to new and exciting introductory meetings created by evangelist, Jason Morgan. In this 5-part series the gospel is presented from the perspective of why we are doing what we as health professionals are doing in providing free healthcare, Jesus’ plan of salvation, where we are in earth’s history, the imminent second coming of Jesus and the earth made new. At the conclusion of this series, all patients will be encouraged to continue to learn more by attending the AWR/TMI evangelistic series which will begin July 13. Essentially the medical volunteers will participate with the “Baton Hand off” to the evangelistic series.

I can’t wait to serve alongside each of you!

In His and Your Service,

Dr. Lela
Lela Gilbert Lewis, MD, MPH, FACOG
Your Best Pathway to Health